Pilates – Healthy Spine

You are as old as your spine is. A strong and upright spine is the key to your health. Pilates is a comprehensive and gentle exercise designed for anyone. Your body gains strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. We offer you an INDIVIDUAL APPROACH.


Access Bars

Eliminate blockages and tensions

Imagine that there are no limits in your life and that you can achieve everything you want? Then life becomes easy and full of joy. Start exploiting your potentials and changing everything that doesn't work in your life.



For a healthy and delicious everyday!

This warm salad is perfect for the autumn whether. Not only healthy choice but also delicious choice. INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup sprouted black lentils 200 g mushrooms 2 medium size parsnip basil...

Autumn lentil salad with parsnip and mushrooms

So, I had some leftovers of millet and I feel like I need some sweet thing. Actually this couldn't be called sweet since there is NO sugar in that dish. Anyway, it is a great pie for breakfast and if...

Millet pie with poppyseed spiced apples



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