The only constant in life is a change. Embrace it.
Renata Novak



My heart is open, I share my experience with others. Now.

After completing my studies, I begin my career in the marketing field, where in the past 15 years I have been working in different fields and with different brands. To many of them I'm the guardian. Great experience, I thank my life for that. Now it's time to move on. And I left….

In 2012, I become the architect  of my life and begin to create and work in an area that has always attracted me. Anything related to the change, in any way, is a magnet for me.

I have been attracted to everything what is creative, healthy and sincere. In all areas and in all respects.

Education in the field of body movement allows me to offer people a change in lifestyle and movement. I'm teaching Pilates. An excellent way to provide people with knowledge and information about the importance of the spine - our life energy. I work individually in small groups.

I participated on various workshops and seminars from secondary school till nowdays. Today, I see why it was so important that I walked all this path. I focus on Life Coaching, which is an excellent starting point for exploring myself. I decide to help others.

Love for food, exploring it, deepens my knowledge in the direction of becoming my Chef. I can sense food that nourishes and feeds my body. I completed my knowledge with schooling and I am working as a Nutrition Coach. I show people how to feed themselves in a way that creates pleasure. I create a lot of recipes and dishes that I'm happy to share.

And since we are also energy beings, I also dedicate myself to this field. I gained a lot of experiences with different energy approaches. I experienced a lot of energy techniques and I feel that Access Bars is the treatment I want to offer also others. I support the development and openness of people to make their own change. Some are bigger, others are smaller. As it is best for everyone at this moment.

Now the circle is concluded, the changes are radical, but extremely effective, and for people they represent the refinement of many years of experiments and desires.

My heart is open, I share my experience with others. Now.