Pilates – Healthy Spine

You are as old as your spine is. A strong and upright spine is the key to your health.

Pilates is a comprehensive and gentle exercise designed for anyone. Your body gains strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. We offer you an INDIVIDUAL APPROACH.

Regular pilates exercise will bring you:

Good body posture

More flexibility

Lean and beautifully shaped figure

Muscle strength

Stronger back musculature and reduced back pain

Reduced stress and, consequently, better sleep

Higher concentration

Self-awareness of the body and higher self-esteem

Relaxation of energy blockages and tension in the body

Helps with incontinence

Classes are taking place in small groups, which allows you to take an individual approach. Only in this way exercises can be designed and adapted to the physical abilities of each individual, and only in this way training can take place at a high level of security for your backbone. The correct technique is essential for the effective exercise of the class, so your training is continuously monitored by an instructor.