Millet pie with poppyseed spiced apples

So, I had some leftovers of millet and I feel like I need some sweet thing. Actually this couldn't be called sweet since there is NO sugar in that dish. Anyway, it is a great pie for breakfast and if you need some more sweetness you can just add some jam.


3 cupe cooked millet

3 eggs

3 thinly sliced apples

3 tbsp poppyseeds

1 tbsp cinnamon


In one bowl mix thinly sliced apples with poppyseeds and cinnamon. If you need some extra sugar, you can add some rice syrup or coconut sugar. 

Mix eggs with the millet.

Grease a baking pan and put 2/3 of millet in the pan. Press firmly on the bottom. Put apples on the millet and cover the apples with the rest of the millet. 

One options is also to mix millet mixture with the apples BEFORE putting it in the pan. 

Bake on 200 degress for 35 minutes.